Asset-based digital marketplace Archerhub guarantees 100% hauls for all loads on its platform

FreightWaves – The advent of digital freight matching within the trucking sector has brought order to the chaos of the spot market, as it helps usher real-time visibility into both capacity and volumes available in a market. 

However, digital freight marketplaces do not come with a guarantee that every shipper on the platform would have its loads matched to a carrier. Around 5% of all shippers on these platforms reportedly get their loads rejected or go unnoticed. 

Archerhub, a Denver-based digital freight broker, is tweaking such marketplaces by adding its own assets to the mix. The company runs its own fleet, which it uses as a backup for loads that go uncovered on its platform by carrier partners, thus guaranteeing hauls for every shipper that registers a load on Archerhub. 

“We do not use our fleet to generate revenue or profits, but we use it as a backup recovery plan for some of the freight that we have from our shippers that we need to recover,” said Nick Darmanchev, the CEO and founder of Archerhub. 

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