COVID-19 Supply Chain Resources & Recovery Strategies


The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the importance of partnering with logistics providers that invest in cloud-based collaborative transportation management systems as well as automated tools to ensure each shipment is efficiently and effectively handled every time.

For example, does the logistics provider have an AI algorithm to identify that the truck driver is falling behind schedule without human intervention? Such an algorithm will automatically notify the appropriate users to help them take immediate action to avoid missing on-time delivery.

Using this example, shippers should also ask how the algorithm triggers this event. How is the truck plugged into the TMS? Is the driver plugged in via mobile application, electronic logging device, text message tracking, or an Internet of Things device tracker placed in the trailer? Are you sure the integration is robust enough? Can you demonstrate on a case-by-case scenario?

Achieving excellent supply chain management requires using AI-based systems and people working together, where the outcome will be greater than when each executes on its own.

—Nick Damanchev, CEO, Archerhub

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