Frequently asked questions

How do you qualify each carrier?

We have a rigorous process to make sure they are fully insured, and have been in business long enough to qualify as part of the quality carrier program. In addition to our internal carrier ranking, we are integrated with multiple carrier reporting platforms to get live updates on any carriers performance.

How do you qualify each driver?

We are also ranking each driver thanks to our mobile app. Each driver is required to use our mobile app. Drivers with poor rankings will be red-flagged and our system will not allow tendering the load to those drivers.

How do I quote a shipment?

Just enter the shipment details on our website and you will get instant quotes delivered to you immediately. If you have additional requirements to discuss please email us at

What additional information do I need to provide after booking a shipment?

If there is any additional information required, one of our representatives will reach out to you after you book the shipment.

How will I get updates about my shipment?

Archerhub makes it easy for you to put in your order number online to retrieve the location of your shipment. In addition, automated emails will be sent to you about the progress of your shipment.

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